Determinants of Participation in Global Volunteer Grids: A Cross-Country Analysis

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Hwang, Junseok; Altmann, Jorn; Mohammed, Ashraf Bany
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GECON 2009, Workshop on Grid Economics and Business Models
DeterminantsGrid computingvolunteer computingadoptionGrid economicsregression analysisinfrastructure fundingdeveloping
Volunteer Grids, in which users share computing resources
altruistically, play a critical role in fostering research. Sharing and collaboration
in Volunteer Grids is determined by many factors. These determinants define
the participation in Grids and the amount of contribution to such Grids.
Whereas previous studies focused on explaining researchers’ and countries’
willingness to share resources in Volunteer Grids based on social sharing
theory, this research argues that without the appropriate technological
capabilities, countries or researcher cannot implement their willingness. Based
on the literature review, this paper defines the influential determinants for
participating in global Volunteer Grids. Besides, this research employs a
multiple regression analysis of these determinants, using a total of 130
observations collected from international data repositories. Our results show
that R&D and Internet connection type (broadband or dial-up) are significant
determinates for participating in Volunteer Grids. This result explains why
developed countries are active and enjoy the benefits from Volunteer Grids,
while developing countries still lag behind. Therefore, an increased
participation in Grids cannot be solely achieved by interconnecting with
developing countries through high-speed Internet backbones.
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