Cost Analysis of Current Grids and its Implications for Future Grid Markets

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Risch, Marcel; Altmann, Jorn
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Springer LNCS
GECON 2008, Workshop on Grid Economics and Business Models, Springer LNCS, Las Palmas, Spain, August 2008
Commercial GridsGrid ComputingBusiness ModelsCost ModelingCapacity PlanningGrid EconomicsUtility ComputingMarkets
Commercial Grid markets have been a topic of research for many
years. Many claims about the advantages of trading computing resources on
markets have been made. However, due to a lack of Grid computing offerings,
these claims could not be verified. This paper analyzes the question whether
using the Grid is financially advantageous, using the EC2 service
as a reference. To perform this analysis, the costs of computing resources in
different usage scenarios are calculated, if Grid resources and in-house
resources are used. The comparison of the costs reveals that while the Grid is
cheaper in the short term, it is not a good investment in the long term and, thus,
the existence of a Grid economy will not lead to an end of ownership but rather
to a reduction in in-house resources and more efficient resource usage.
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