Cloud Computing Value Chains: Understanding Business and Value Creation in the Cloud

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Mohammed, Ashraf Bany; Altmann, Jorn; Hwang, Junseok
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EMDS 2008, Workshop on Economic Models for Distributed Systems, in Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems, Baton Rouge, USA, January 2008
Cloud Computingvalue chain,business models,Grid computing,service oriented computingvalue networks,software-as-a-serviceGrid economicsservicesservice sciences.
Based on the promising developments in Cloud Computing technologies
in recent years, commercial computing resource services (e.g. Amazon
EC2) or software-as-a-service o erings (e.g. came into existence.
However, the relatively weak business exploitation, participation, and
adoption of other Cloud Computing services remain the main challenges. The
vague value structures seem to be hindering business adoption and the creation
of sustainable business models around its technology. Using an extensive
analyze of existing Cloud business models, Cloud services, stakeholder relations,
market con gurations and value structures, this Chapter develops a
reference model for value chains in the Cloud. Although this model is theoretically
based on porter's value chain theory, the proposed Cloud value
chain model is upgraded to t the diversity of business service scenarios in
the Cloud computing markets. Using this model, di erent service scenarios
are explained. Our ndings suggest new services, business opportunities, and
policy practices for realizing more adoption and value creation paths in the
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