항경제의 혈중농도와 부작용에 관한 연구 II
A correlation study of the appearances of side effects and serum concentrations of anticonvulsant II

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(2):220-228
Diphenylhydantoin was given without combination
of other anticonvulsants to 85 male and 51 female
epileptic patients of different age groups. All investigated patients were free from seizure during the
study period of a half year. Each patients were
investigated clinically and checked serum concentration
of the drug more than I times in that period.
We have used EMIT system by determination of
the serum concentration of the drug. We have found
that the tendencies to took more drugs to maintaining
the optimal therapeutic serum concentrations
as younger the age groups of patients.
The patients under the age of 9 needs 10~17mg/kg
to maintainc the optimal serum concentration just
below 20.0I'g/ml. This tendenccs was remarkable
under the age of 15 years. Age groups above 15
years, there are no differences of the optimal daily
dosage compared with adult groups. They need 4~7
mg/kg of drugs to obtain the optimal serum concentrations.
Appearance of the side effects began as low serum
concentration as 13.5I'g/ml with the symptom of
diplopia. The frequencies of the appearence of the
side effects increase there after as the serum cone.
increases. These increases rapidly as the serum
concentrations are above 30.0I'g/ml, while below
this level randomel y appears. The related literature
were reviewed in detail.
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