Real-Time Market Model for Pricing Differentiated Services

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Davoyan, Ruzana; Altmann, Jorn
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
ICNS2008, 4th International Conference on Networking and Services, p.134-140, IEEE Computer Society Press, Gosier, Guadeloupe, March 2008
Pricing network resources is a crucial component for proper resource management and the provision of quality of service guarantees. In this paper we propose
a decentralized real-time market (RTM) model for
pricing differentiated services (DiffServ), which
attempts to achieve efficient resource allocation, while
reducing computational overheads. We review issues
relating to congestion sensitive pricing of the network
resources and propose an approach to alleviate price
fluctuation that considers the actual state of the
network. In comparison with the existing studies that
consider the existence of a single point of market
equilibrium, we consider the existence of a set of
equilibrium states. The proposed strategy relies on the
division of link capacity into intervals called steps,
where current supply is determined according to the
expected resource prices, and is the sum of the
allocated steps. Consequently, the real state of the market is described by immediately accessible information, such as price.
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