INDEX Project: User Support for Buying QoS with regard to User’s Preferences

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Altmann, Jorn; Varaiya, Pravin
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IWQOS’98, Sixth IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Quality of Service , pp. 101-104, Napa, USA, May 1998
ABSTRACT: In this article we are showing that the selection
of QoS will become a difficult task for the user when he will be
faced with different prices for different QoSs. Even if the user is
only facing a best-effort service, he might be unable to determine
the cost minimal selection of bandwidth. This article will show
that the user needs support to get the best service regarding his
personal situation. The mechanisms we use for such a personalized
support tool (intelligent agent) are described in this article. In
addition to this, the concept of a QoS architecture focusing on this
problem will be developed in order to show how the agent fits into
a QoS framework. The context where this investigation takes
place is the INDEX1 project (INternet Demand EXperiment), a
testbed for examining the user’s demand and willingness to pay
for different qualities of service.
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