Acquisition performance of Gold sequence-based DS-CDMA systems

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Lee, Yong-Hwan; Lee, Seung-Joon
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1997 IEEE International Symposium Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Cummunications, Pimrc
AcquisitionGold SequenceDS-CDMA
The performance of sequence acquisition for Gold sequence based DS-CDMA systems is studied in this paper. We consider the use of a sliding correlator-type structure for the acquisition scheme. Since acquisition
of a I’N sequence in DS-CDMA systems can be formulated as testing two simple hypotheses, we apply fixed sample size (FSS) for the synchronization test. The acquisition schemes require the knowledge of the partial correlation of Gold sequences, which is diffcult to model. We propose the use of an approximate upper bound and then further linearize it for ease of designing the test scheme. The acquisition performance of Gold
sequeince based DS-CDMA systems is analyzed and is compared to that of m-sequence based ones. Numerical results indicate that the use of Gold sequences is very suitable for DS-CDMA systems. In addition, analytical
results are verified by computer simulation.
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