Reflective Analysis on Knowledge-Building Community: Case of a Graduate Course

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dc.contributor.authorChung, Hyunmi-
dc.identifier.citationSNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.10, pp. 69-109-
dc.description.abstractThis study focused on investigating design issues associated with establishing a

classroom-based Knowledge-Building Community. Three design issues for establishing a KBC were investigated: (1) How to coordinate the efforts of individuals effectively in building collective knowledge, (2) How to support self-directed, knowledge-creation processes of individuals, (3) How to facilitate students' ownership of a Knowledge-Building Community.

An instructional team designed a graduate course, Alternate Views of Teaching and

Learning (Altviews), to foster a Classroom-Based Knowledge-Building Community toward

studying alternative methods of teaching and learning. Instructional activities

(interventions) for making effective distribution of individuals efforts, facilitating self-directed learning, and promoting the ownership of the KBC were embedded into the Altviews course. The course had three main phases: the Guided Reading Phase, the Sort and Sequence Phase, and the On-line Research Group Phase. The course was supported by Construe, a type of groupware, and Web Board conferencing software. The purpose of this article is to provide instructional designers with insights or guidelines for designing a Knowledge-Building Community in classroom settings by describing the graduate course designed with Knowledge-Building Community approach and reflecting on the course in terms of fostering a Knowledge-Building Community. In this article, the design features of the Altviews course, reflection on the Altivews course and emerging issues in building a Knowledge-Building Community were described. Also, implications for the design of Knowledge-Building Community were suggested.
dc.publisher서울대학교 교육종합연구원-
dc.subjectknowledge-building community-
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dc.titleReflective Analysis on Knowledge-Building Community: Case of a Graduate Course-
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dc.citation.journaltitleSNU Journal of Education Research-
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