An OFDMA-Based Next-Generation Wireless Downlink System Design with Hybrid Multiple Access and Frequency Grouping Techniques

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Lee, Won-Ick; Lee, Bueong Gi; Lee, Kwang Bok; Bahk, Saewoong
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Korea Information and Communications Society = 한국통신학회
Journal of Communications and Networks, vol. 7, no. 2, 2005
Downlinkmulti-cell environmentmultiple accessOFDMA
This paper discusses how to effectively design a nextgeneration
wireless communication system that can possibly provide
very high data-rate transmissions and versatile quality services.
In order to accommodate the sophisticated user requirements
and diversified user environments of the next-generation systems,
it should be designed to take an efficient and flexible structure
for multiple access and resource allocation. In addition, the design
should be optimized for cost-effective usage of resources and
for efficient operation in a multi-cell environment. As orthogonal
frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) has turned out in
recent researches to be one of the most promising multiple access
techniques that can possibly meet all those requirements through
efficient radio spectrum utilization, we take OFDMA as the basic
framework in the next-generation wireless communications system
So, in this paper, we focus on introducing an OFDMA-based
downlink system design that employs the techniques of hybrid multiple
access (HMA) and frequency group (FG) in conjunction with
intra-frequency group averaging (IFGA). The HMA technique
combines various multiple access schemes on the basis of OFDMA
system, adopting the multiple access scheme that best fits to the
given user condition in terms of mobility, service, and environment.
The FG concept and IFGA technique help to reduce the feedback
overhead of OFDMA system and the other-cell interference (OCI)
problem by grouping the sub-carriers based on coherence bandwidths
and by harmonizing the channel condition and OCI of the
grouped sub-carriers.
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1976-5541 (online)
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