Li+-유도성이뇨와 신의 Li+처리에 미치는 항이뇨호르몬의 영향
Effects of ADH on renal handling of lithium and lithium induced diuresis in rabbits

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성호경; 김전; 호원경; 신동훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(4):363-370
The effect of ADH on renal handling of lithium
.and lithium induced diuresis was investigated in
rabbits pretreated with lithium (control group) or
lithium and ADH (ADH group). LiCI (lmEq/kg)
was administered intraperitoneally for 3 days and
ADH (0.5ii/kg) was injected intramuscularly on the
2nd and 3rd days in ADH group.
On the 4th day morning single intravenous injection
,of LiCI (2mEq/kg) was given. After then 10, 30
and 60 minute samples were taken from carotid
artery and urinary bladder. Urinary flow rate, Na",
K+, Li" and osmolarity were measured together with
.the plasma concentration of them.
Followings are the results obtained:
1. Before single injection of large dose of LiCI,
plasma concentration and urinary excretion rate of
Li" were lower in ADH group than in control group.
On the other hand, urine volume, osmolarity and
.excretion rate of Na" were higher in ADH group
than in control group.
2. Plasma concentration and urinary excretion of
K+ were lower in ADH group and particularly urin.
ary excretion decreased markedly after single injection
of large dose of LiCI.
3. After single large dose injection of LiCI plasma
Li" concentration decayed more rapidly in ADH
.group, On the contrary, urinary excretion decreased
4. There were no significant differences in Li-in-
duced water diuretic and natriuretic response between
both groups.
From the above results we conclude that administration
of ADH stimulates water and natriuresis in
rabbits induced by a small dose of LiCI but has no effect upon diuretic responses induced by a large
dose of LiCl, and also ADH stimulates accumulation
of lithium in tissues especially in renal medulla.
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