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Acid-Base Status in Far-Advanced Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1976;17(1):69-73
The objectives of this study is to define the scope
of changes in acid-base status in far-advanced
pulmonary tuberculosis and to sec whether this
results could be utilized for an evaluation of pulmonary
function in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
The parameter of blood acid-base equilibrium
was measured with method of Astrup in 20
far-advanced cases. The results obtained are as
follows: I. PH 7. 432±0. 072 PCO, 38· 9±2. 7 mmHg, St.
HCO, 25. 3±1. 0 mEq/L. Act. HCO, 25.O±I. 4 mEq/L
Total CO, 26· 2±1. 4 mEq/L, B. E. 1. 6±1. 2 mEq/L,
B. B. 49.2±3. I mEq/L
2. The above each parameter of acid-base equilibrium
in advanced cases was found to be within
normal limits. Plotting each value of the results
On nomogram of Devenport, Siggaard-Andersen
and Kintner, however, trends toward respiratory
alkalosis in acid-base status could be easily recongized
as a whole.
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