인삼 Saponin이 가토 및 MOuse의 Circadian Rhythm에 미치는 영향
Effect of Ginseng Saponin on the Circadian Rhythms in Rabbit and Mouse

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김명석; 신상구; 정명희
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1976;17(3):200-207
Changes in circadian rhythms of the body temperature,
the circulating leukocytes level and the pentobarbital
induced sleeping times were observed in
rabbit and mouse treated with ginseng saponin. The
animals had been maintained for one week under the
artificial illumination extending from 06 : 00 to 18 : 00
hours alternating with 12 hours of darkness, And thereafter
the lighting schedule was completely reversed. Rabbits kept on a routine lighting regimen showed"
a circadian variation in temperature characterized by
a highest temperature at 14 : 00 hours and a noctural '
fall to low level. On reversing the light regimen the
routine temperature rhythm adapted to the new lighting
schedule by 3 days after the reversal and it was
not affected by ginseng saponin.
The highest level of the circulating total leukocytes,
neutrophiles and lymphocytes in rabbit were reached
in the afternoon followed by a evening fall. On
reversal of the lighting schedule, however, the routine'
circadian variations of the leukocytes were not adapted
to the reversed lighting regimen until 7 days. All,'
the circadian variations in circulating leukocytes levels'
were also not affected by ginseng saponin in any case.
Rabbit showed a minimum value in circulating.
eosinophiles at 08:00 hours and an evening rise.
When the lighting schedule was reversed, the adaptation
of the routine eosinophile rhythm took 3 days"
to occur. The occurrence of the adaptation was similar
in fashion both in control and in ginseng saponin.
treated animals.
In male DDO mice maintained on a routine day
and night lighting regimen, the longest duration of
sleep induced by pentobarbital occured at 14:00 hours'
and the shortest occurred between 22:00 and 02:00
hours. The circadian rhythms in pentobarbital induced'
sleep in DDO mice were not altered by the treatmentwith
ginseng saponin.
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