이식종양세포수 및 종양의 외과적 적출이 숙주면역반응에 미치는 영향에 관하여
Influences of Tumor Cell Number at Primary Transplantation and Surgical Removal of Tumor on the Development of the Host Immune Reaction

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김우기; 장우현; 김익상; 신희섭; 이광호
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(2):118-123
In order to know about some aspect of immunological
surveillance mechanism which has been postulated
to be operating in normal host, in-vivo MeA tumor
challenge experiments were carried out with varing
dose of tumor cells at different host conditions. Results.
of tumor incidenc in C,H/HeN mice transplanted
with varing number of tumor cells, C,H/HeN mice
rechallanged with certain number of autochthnous
tumor cells after the surgical removal of tumor and
C,H/HeN mice rechallangcd with certain number of
autochthnouse tumor cells which had rejected the
primary cell transplantation, and of latent period in
tumor formation are summarized as follows;
1. Tumor incidence obtained from foot-pad inoculation
of 10', 5 X 10', 5 x 10', 5 X 10' and 10' tumor
cell dose per mouse wase 23.8%. 57.1%. 89.7%,
100% and 97.6%, respectively and 50% tumor cell
dese (which is defined as tumor cell number necessary
for the establishment of tumor in 50% of mice
tested) calculated by Probit analysis was 3.9 x 10'
cells per mouse.
2. Mice surviving the intial foot-pad inoculation of
small numbers of tumor cell doses were divided into
two groups by the existence of immune memory
which had been assessed by rechallenging with more
than TDso at 5 weeks after the date of primaryinoculation.
The memory was induced in the mice which had'
rejected the 5 x 104 tumor cell inoculum per mouse.,
but not induced in the other mice group which had'
rejected 5 X 10" or 10' tumor cell inoculum per mouse.. 3. CaH/HeN mice were resistant to the rechaUenging
autochthonous MCA tumor after the surgical
resection of the primary tumor mass.
4. No statistical differences in the resistance to
the MCA tumor were observed between young (6-8
weeks old) and old (2~12 months) CaH/HeN mice
5. Latent period from the day of inital tumor graft
to that of development of palpable tumor mass was
prolonged in mice. of which the tumor was removed
sur gicaUy.
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