남성불임증에서의 내분비술과 정액과당의 상호관계
Clinical Investigations on Hormone and Fructose Levels in Male Infertility

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이희영; 박규홍; 채범석
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(2):124-131
In order to ascertain possible correlationship between
levels of plasma FSH, LH, testosterone and
seminal fructose and male infertility, the following
clinical studies were carried out on 50 subjects. These
were divided into the following 4 groups: Group I
(control group), 20 cases of normospermia; Group 2. 10 cases of obstructive post-testicular azcospermias
Group 3, 13 cases of non-obstructive testicular azoo
spermias; and Group 4, 7 cases of Klinefelter's syn
drome. Parameters investigated were semen analyses,
measurements of seminal fructose, plasma FSH, LH.
and testosterone by radioimmunoassays, and testicular
biopsy besides the routine laboratory works. Results
are summarized as follows:
I. Testis biopsy: Group 2, normal sperrnatogenesi
with obstructive pattern; group 3, hyposperrnatogenesi
or spermatogenic arrest at various levels; and grou
4, severe seminiferous tubular atrophy and/or hyalin
2. Spermiogramme: Group I, liquefaction time, 2
minutes; pH, 7.5; volume, 2. 8ml; count, 110 million
ml; motility, 65%; and normal morphology, 95%.
3. Levels of hormone and fructose: Group 1, plasm
FSH. 12.1mlU/ml; LH, 9.2mlU/ml; testosterone,
. 630. 4ng/dl; and seminal fructose. 301.: mg/dl. Grou
·2, FSH, 3.2mlU/ml; LH, 4.2mlU/ml; testosterone'l
540.0ng/dl; and seminal fructose. 315.2mg/dJ. Group
3, FSH, 6.6mlU/ml; LH. 7.3mlU/ml; testosterone.
518.8ng/dl; and seminal fructose. 257.2mg/dJ. Group
4, FSH, 29.9 mlU/ml; LH. 12.1mIU/ml; testosterone
4. Values of high plasma FSH (p<0.05) and LH
(p>O.O, but low testosterone (p<O.Ol) are consis·
tent in group 4, even though severe Leydig cell
hyperplasia exists in all the cases.
5. No statistical correlations are found between
plasma testosterone levels in the ranges of 292~
l,060ng/dl and seminal fructose levels in the ranges
.of 120~485mg/dl. (r=0.190, p>O.l)
,6. The seminal fructose levels in the normal ranges
((l20~485mg/dl) are not influenced by the concen.
tration of plasma FSH 0. 0~20. OmlU/ml) and LH
·(0. 5~15. 9mlU/ml).
7. Low plasma testosterone levels in spite of severe
Leydig cell hyperplasia in group 4 suggests perplexity
.of Leydig cell responsiveness to the LH.
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