남성불임수술수용자 증대를 위한 조사연구
Exploratory Study for Increasing Acceptability of Male Sterilization

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권이혁; 윤봉자; 김한경
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(3):217-22
Vasectomy is the least preferred contraceptive
method in Korea and although the target for 1977
was reduced from 60,000 to 40,000, it was not
reached. This study explored why more wives than
husbands are sterilized through the interviewing
of 182 sterilized women in Miya-dong, Dobong-ku
and 42 women who were sterilized at the family
consultation center of Seoul National University
Hospital from May 1, 1979 to May 31, 1979. The
study also assesses the aceeptability and effectiveness
of vasectomy by exploring motivation, knowledge,
attitudes and soeiological implications.
Most Korean males prefer female sterilization
(81. 5%) and 66% of all husbands flatly refuse vasectomy.
Interestingly, wives have contradictory
attitudes towards vasectomy; though wives (50%)
suggested vasectomy to their husbands, 62.1% stopped
their husbands from having them.
In deciding to be sterilized, both husbands' and
wives' thinking is greatly influenced by traditional
Confucian thinking coneerning the importance of
the head of the household (KA]ANG).
For example, husbands and wives fear the sideeffeets
of sterilization especially physical weakness
or sexual difficulty (51. 5%), but, wives are willing
to suffer the side-effects of sterilization to spare
their husbands suffering from a vasectomy. Although
the Korean family is male-oriented, the
wife has the authority to choose her own contraceptive
method regardless of her husband's opinion.
To increase vasectomy acceptors, the side-effects
from vaseetomy need to be reduced. and regular
follow-up need to be provided along with better
services. It is also necessary to develop a good IE&C
program for vasectomy.
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