선천 매독에 의한 치아 원기의 변화
Tooth Germ Changes in Congenital Syphilis

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지제근; 임창윤; 이석근
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(3):297-306
A histopathological study was made on two cases
of congenital syphilis, with special emphasis on the
changes of developing tooth germ and surrounding
jaw bones. Both cases were conlirmed to be syphilis
by serology and tissue Levaditi staining method.
Both cases were deadborn fetuses.
There was a quite remarkable degree of inflammatory
changes in the developing teeth germ especially
in dental papillae and perifollicular areas. Microabscess
formation with prominent neutrophilic inliltration
was characteristic feature together with lymphoplasmacytic
inliltration and Iibrosis. Highly vascular tissue
showed more severe involvement than less vascular
There was a delinite disturbance of amelogenesis
and dentinogenesis during the process of tooth development,
as those structures were directly involved
by the inflammatory changes in which numerous
spirochetes were recovered by Levaditi stains. The
spirochetes were found in the ameloblast layer,
stellate reticulum of enamel epithelium, odontoblast
layer and predentin layer.
The degree of involvement or severity of inflammatory
reaction was more prominent in earlier-developing
tooth, i.e., incisors among deciduous teeth and
Iirst molar among permanent teeth, and was more
evident in the upper jaw as it was compared to the
lower jaw•
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