토끼 소화관벽 임파조직과 닭의 Fabricius낭의 비교 조직화학적 연구
Comparative Studies of Histological Structures between the GALT of the Rabbits and the Bursa of Fabricius of the Chickens

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장가용; 문용자; 라봉진; 백상호; 이광호
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1974;15(2):137-144
As a preliminary experiment for the study of
bursa equivalent organs in mammalian the present
experiment made a comparison in the development
and the histological structures between the GALT
(gut-associated lymphoid tissues) of neonatal rabbits
and the bursa of Fabricius of chickens.
Animals of various ages (from 1st day to 180th day
after birth) were sacrificed under the deep anesthesia.
The palatine tonsil, Peyer's patch, appendix,
and sacculus rotundus from the rabbits and the
bursa of Fabricius from the chickens were removed.
The serial paraffin sections were carried out for the
staining with methyl-green pyronin, PAS, Masson's
trichrome, silver, and hematoxylin-eosin.
The earliest lymphatic nodules were observed at
first in the lamina propria of the GALT from the
7 days old rabbits. On the other hand, only the
diffuse lymphatic tissues were recognized in the
same portion of the GALT from the 1 day and 4
days old rabbits.
Modes of the nodular development in the bursa of
the chickens were different from that of the GALT,
that is, 'the medullary portion of the nodule were
already formed in the lamina propria on the 1st day
after hatch and the cortical substances were gradually
added around the preformed medulla in the
4 days old chickens. The undifferentiated basalepitheloid
cell layer of the nodules of the bursa
were continuous to the surface epithelium of the
bursa. Both nodules of the GALT and the bursa
contained lymphocytes, blast-form cell and dividing
cells in it.
No diffuse lymphatic tissues in the extrafollicular
areas of the bursa of Fabricius were observed,
while there are diffuse lymphatic tissues which include the vessels covered with the simple cuboid
epithelium in the extrafollicular areas of GALT.
The diffuse lymphatic tissues of the extrafollicular
areas of the palatine tonsils are more well-developed
than those of the Peyer's patch, appendix, and
sacculus rotundus.
The results of the above findings suggested that
the origin of the nodules in the bursa differs from
the nodules of the GALT. The former may be entodermal
origin and the latter mesenchymal origin.
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