The Effects of Oxidant and Antioxidant Activity on Rat Peritonitis Induced by Cecal Ligation and Puncture

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Suh, Gil Joon; Youn, Yeo Kyu; Kim, Soo Tae
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1990;35(1):19-28
The aims of this study were to detennine the effects of oxidant and
antioxidant defense activity on the degree and time course in peritonitis. and to define
the relationship between biochemical and histologic changes induced by oxidative
stress and antioxidant defense functions in the lungs and liver. Female Sprague-Dawley
rats were divided into the controltsham operation) and Cl.Ptcecal ligation and puncture)
groups. Histologic examination. oxidative changes and antioxidant defenses
presented as reduced(GSH) and oxidized tissue glutathione(GSSG) and
malondialdehyde(MDAl content and catalase activity were studied in the lungs and
liver at 6,12 and 24 hrs in each group. In the lung with CLP group. neutrophil with
monocyte infiltration at 6 hrs, and interstitial edema and congestive findings at 24 hrs
were shown in the pulmonary parenchymes. MDA was slightly increased gradually
without significancy. GSSG was significantly elevated at 12 hrs. GSH and catalase
were decreased at 6 hrs period. but significantly increased with time. In the liver. no
pathologic findings except lymphocyte infiltration till 12 hrs, and mild destructive and
congestive sinusoidal structures were noted at 24 hrs. MDA at 24 hrs and GSSG at
6hrs was significantly increased. Whereas. GSH and catalase at 6 hrs were significantly
decreased but gradually increased above control level. These results suggest that
histologic and biochemical changes in the lung and liver induced by peritonitis are
caused by oxidant activities in parts. Also the extent of injury are closely related to the
MDA levels. Initially. antioxidant defensive works are depressed. but activated gradually.
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