Publication Output and Growth of Korean Medical Papers Published in Science Citation Index Journals During the 1980s: A Comparison with SCI Korean Chemistry Papers

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Lee, Choon Shil; Yoon, Bong Ja; Chi, Je G.
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1994;35(3):137-154
Mainstream publication outputSCI publication outputKorean medical papersKorean chemistry papersScientometrics
The number of papers published in Science Citation Indexi SCI) medical
journals between 1980 and 1989 by authors at Korean institutions are measured for
each of 47 medical specialties by publication year. Publication output of Korean chemistry,
a scientific field which produces the Bulletin of the Korean Chemical society
(BKCS), the only Korean SCI journal indexed during the 198Os, is also measured. A total
of I, 236 mainstream medical papers (Le., an average of two or three papers a year
for each medical specialty) were published during the ten-year study period. The overall
mainstream publication activity of Korean medicine was insignificant, yet it has improved
over the years. The growth was slow in the first half of the 198Os, then since around
1986, there has been a big increase in the growth rate. In total I, 629 chemistry papers
were published during the 198Os. If the BKCS papers are excluded, 738 papers were published
in the SCI non-Korean chemistry journals. Inclusion of a Korean journal into the
SCI database more than doubles the mainstream output of Korean chemistry, and increased
the total mainstream output of Korean sciences at least by 10%. Among all SCI
Korean papers, medical papers comprise 17.5%, and chemistry, 23.1%(or 10.5% if the
BKCS papers are excluded). Only 2.4% of all Korean medical papers published during
the 19805 are SCI papers, whereas 66.1%(or 30.0% if the BKCS papers are excluded)
of chemistry papers are SCI papers. Chemistry papers have continuously increased over
the years at a constant rate much hiqher] 24.7 times in 10 years, or 11.2 times if the
BKCS papers are excluded) than that of medicine] 6.9 times) and that of all sciences
combined (9.0 times).
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