수종 치과용 자석유지장치의 부식저항성에 대한 전기화학적 연구
The electrochemical study on corrosion resistance of various dental magnetic attachments

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손병섭; 장익태; 허성주; 곽재영
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대한치과보철학회지 39:336-350,2001
Dental magnetic attachmentCorrosion resistancePotentiodynamic polarization techniquePitting corrosion
The purpose of this study was to investigate corrosion tendency and to compare corrosion resistance of three dental magnetic attachments and its keeper alloy by coercive, electrochemical method. By using petentiodynamic polarization technique, magnetic elements and its keeper alloy of Magfit EX600 system(MF, MFK), Dyna ES regular system(DN, DNK) and Shiner SR magnet system(SR, SRK) were corroded electrochemically in 0.9% NaCl electrolytic solution. Open-circuit potential and anodic polarization curve was measured with Potentiostat(model 273 EG&E) and polarization curve was created by current density per square area following scanning of increased series of voltage in the rate of 1.0mV per second. Before and after electrochemical corrosion, the surface roughness test was done. Thereafter the change of mean surface roughness value(Ra) and mean peak value(Rt) of surface roughness was compared one another. In order to observe the corroded surface of each specimen, metallurgical light microscopic() and scanning electron microscopic view(SEM ) was taken and compared one another. Conclusion is followings. 1. All of six covering metal of dental magnetic attachments and its keeper alloy were corroded in various degree after electrochemical corrosion. 2. The corrosion resistance of which used in this experiment is the following in high order; DNK, MFK, DN, MF, SRK and SR. 3. Especially Shiner magnet system and its keeper alloy were more severely corroded after electrochemical corrosion and the change of Ra Rt value were more increased than others. 4 Metallurgical and scanning electron microscopic view showed the pitting corrosion tendency of all experimental alloy but DNK and SR. 5. Covering metal of magnet was more corroded than its keeper alloy.
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