Transmitter-Based Processing for Down-Link DS/CDMA Systems with Multiple Transmit Antennas

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Park, Chang Soon; Lee, Kwang Bok
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Trans. Commun., vol. 56, pp. 1047-1055, July 2008
Direct-sequence code-division multiple-accessdiversitymultiple transmit antennaspre-rakedecorrelationinterference suppression
Paper approved by R. Kohno, the Editor for Spread Spectrum Theory
and Applications of the IEEE Communications Society. Manuscript received
October 8, 2004; revised October 11, 2005.

This paper was presented
in part at the IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile
Radio Communications, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2002.
In cellular wireless communication systems, there
have been various receiver-based techniques for performance
improvement. However, it may be desirable to use transmitterbased
techniques to improve the down-link capacity, since the
implementation complexity is less critical at a base station (BS)
than at a mobile station (MS). This paper presents a transmitterbased
processing for the down-link direct-sequence code-division
multiple-access (DS/CDMA) systems with multiple transmit
antennas. We propose a combined pre-rake/pre-decorrelating
approach. This approach combines the advantage of pre-rake
scheme, to achieve diversity gain and average received signal-tonoise
ratio (SNR) gain, with that of pre-decorrelating scheme, to
suppress multiple access interference (MAI) and multipath interference
(MPI). Furthermore, to make the total transmit power
the same as that without pre-rake/pre-decorrelating processing,
two power normalization methods are presented. Simulation
results show that the proposed schemes significantly outperform
the conventional transmitter-based techniques. The effects of the
number of users and the block size on the bit error rate (BER)
performance are also investigated.
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