천정부착 랜드마크와 광류를 이용한 단일 카메라-관성 센서 융합 기반의 인공위성 지상시험장치의 위치 및 자세 추정
Pose Estimation of Ground Test Bed using Ceiling Landmark and Optical Flow Based on Single Camera/IMU Fusion

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신옥식; 박찬국
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Journal of Institute of Control. Robotics and Systerns, vol.18, no.1, pp. 54-61
ceiling landmarkoptical flowvision/inertial sensor fusion
In this paper, the pose estimation method for the satellite GTB (Ground Test Bed) using vision/MEMS IMU (Inertial
Measurement Unit) integrated system is presented. The GTB for verifying a satellite system on the ground is similar to the mobile
robot having thrusters and a reaction wheel as actuators and floating on the floor by compressed air. The EKF (Extended Kalman
Filter) is also used for fusion of MEMS IMU and vision system that consists of a single camera and infrared LEDs that is ceiling
landmarks. The fusion filter generally utilizes the position of feature points from the image as measurement. However, this method
can cause position error due to the bias of MEMS IMU when the camera image is not obtained if the bias is not properly estimated
through the filter. Therefore, it is proposed that the fusion method which uses the position of feature points and the velocity of the
camera determined from optical flow of feature points. It is verified by experiments that the performance of the proposed method is
robust to the bias of IMU compared to the method that uses only the position of feature points.
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