Numerical Predictions of the Load-Displacement curves of Rock-socketed Piles

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Kwon, Ohsung; Kim, Jeonghwan; Jeon, Kyungsoo; Kim, Myungmo
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Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Computational Mechanics, Singapore, 1999, pp. 885-890
Rock-socketed pileLoad-displacement curvePile load testInterface elementPeak cohesionSubgrade reaction modulus
Since the settlement limit concept is generaly adopted as design criteria of rock-socketed pile foundation. the load-displacement(σ-δ) behavior of the rock-socketed piles should be well understood at the design stage. which, howwver,is hard to achieve due to its complexity. To help this out, field pile load tests are executed on cast-in-situ concrete piles,first, to figure out the σ-δ behavior of rock-socketed piles. Next, the σ-δ relations of the piles are simulated numerically using commercial package program(FLAC) varing a couple of input data which are sensitive in shaping the σ-δ curves. Finally, the relation between the best input data for the numerical simulations and the geotechnical field data are cultivated to generalize the numerical simulation procedures, which enables geotechnical field data are provided.
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