Semi-Automatic Measurement of the Airway Dimension by Computed Tomography Using the Full-With-Half- Maximum Method: a Study of the Measurement Accuracy according to the Orientation of an Artificial Airway

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Kim, NamKug; Seo, Joon Beom; Song, Koun-Sik; Chae, Eun Jin; Kang, Suk-Ho
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대한영상의학회 = The Korean Society of Radiology
Korean J Radiol 2008;9:236-242
Airway dimension measurementObliquity effectFWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum)CT imaging parameters, phantom study
parameters on the correct measurement of the airway dimension.
Materials and Methods: An airway phantom with 11 poly-acryl tubes of various
lumen diameters and wall thicknesses was scanned using a 16-MDCT (multidetector
CT) at various tilt angles (0, 30, 45, and 60 ). The CT images were reconstructed
at various reconstruction kernels and thicknesses. The axis of each airway
was determined using the 3D thinning algorithm, with images perpendicular to
the axis being reconstructed. The luminal radius and wall thickness was measured
by the full-width-half-maximum method. The influence of the CT parameters (the
size of the airways, obliquity on the radius and wall thickness) was assessed by
comparing the actual dimension of each tube with the estimated values.
Results: The 3D thinning algorithm correctly determined the axis of the oblique
airway in all tubes (mean error: 0.91+-0.82 ). A sharper reconstruction kernel,
thicker image thickness and larger tilt angle of the airway axis resulted in a significant
decrease of the measured wall thickness and an increase of the measured
luminal radius. Use of a standard kernel and a 0.75-mm slice thickness resulted
in the most accurate measurement of airway dimension, which was independent
of obliquity.
Conclusion: The airway obliquity and imaging parameters have a strong influence
on the accuracy of the airway wall measurement. For the accurate measurement
of airway thickness, the CT images should be reconstructed with a
standard kernel and a 0.75 mm slice thickness.
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