Agent-based product-support logistics system using XML and RDF

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Choi, Jangwon; Kim, Yeongho; Park, Yong-Tae; Kang, Suk-Ho
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International Journal of Systems Science, 33, 467-484
The capability of the timely provision of maintenance services and service parts is
critical to the competitiveness of industrial systems. To enhance the timely operations
in a product-suppor t logistics chain, business partners (equipment manufacturers , parts
distributors, customers) may have to collaborate for the e cient exchange of relevant
information. We propose the architecture of an agent-based product-suppor t logistics
system. Emphasis is placed on the problems of sharing and exchanging information
through agent communication. We adopt the Resource Description Framework (RDF)
schema for information modelling in product-suppor t logistics domain. The eXtensible
Markup Language (XML) serialization generates messages for agent communication.
The use of XML and RDF enables software agents to understand the contents of
messages correctly and consistently. We demonstrate the feasibility of our agent architecture
using a scenario in logistical support processes. We believe that the approach
can provide a promising way to the automation of business processes in product-suppor t
logistics through seamless communication among the partners.
0020-7721 (print)
1464-5319 (online)
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