A time-controlled Petri net model and deadlock detouring algorithm for real-time FMC control

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Kang, Suk-Ho; Kim, Yeongho; Lee, Young chang
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International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 13(6), 533-544
One of the fundamental problems in modelling the
flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) is the representation of
variable state-transition relations of the system over time. A
new Petri net-based approach, i.e. time-controlled Petri nets
(TC-PN) , is proposed to model and control the FMC. The
major contribution of this paper is that it develops a method of
real-time control while avoiding some time-dependent deadlock
situations. The structure and execution of TC-PN are
formally defined. A look forward method is suggested to
predict possible deadlock situations, and a backtrack-and-delay
algorithm is developed to drive the system into non-deadlock
conditions. An example is provided to demonstrate the
workability of the algorithm. The TC-PN approach has several
advantages. First, the varieties of part types and routes can be
taken into account. Second, the TC-PN representation is
compact, so that the complexity resulted from the variety of
parts and routes can be readily managed. Third, the algorithm
for detouring deadlock is very efficient in terms of computation
time. These advantages become especially important for
realtime control of FMC.
0951-192X (print)
1362-3052 (online)
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