Some aspects of topological solitons in supersymmetric gauge theories
초대칭 게이지 이론의 위상수학적 쏠리톤 해에 관한 연구

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Choi, Minyoung
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dyonic instantonD-branesupertubeBPS 한계천-사이몬즈 이론vortexsupersymmetrygauge theorydyonic instantonD-branesupertubeBPS boundChern-Simons theoryvortex
Classical and quantum physics of some topological solitons in
supersymmetric gauge theories are investigated. When the
supersymmetry algebra is centrally extended, there exists a lower
bound (BPS bound) in the mass spectrum given by the central
charge. BPS solitons saturate this bound. Dyonic instanton is a
BPS soliton in 5-dimensional supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories.
We study Higgs field configurations of dyonic instantons in
spontaneously broken 5-dimensional $SU(2)$ Yang-Mills theory, and
find the D-brane interpretation of such configurations as
supretubes stretching between two parallel D4-branes. Then, we
turn our eyes to BPS vortices in 3-dimensional $\N=2$
supersymmetric (abelian) Chern-Simons-Higgs theory, to study the
quantum status of the BPS bound. It is shown explicitly that the
saturation of the BPS bound remains to hold at the one-loop level.
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