Cell Planning for Wireless Local Area Network and Optimal Antenna Location

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International Waveform Diveristy and Design Conference, 2006
WLANCell planningpath loss modelindoor environmentoptimal antenna position
This paper focuses on cell planning method and optimal
Access Point (AP) location. Cell planning can reduce the
adjacent channel interference and minimize the number of
AP. We introduce some methods and compare one another
and suggest an efficient method. Existing method
considering objective functions is very complex. The new
method considers a special condition - indoor environment.
So this reduces a lot of calculation quantity. Next, topic is
optimal antenna location. When AP is set up, generally AP
is attached to the wall. At this time, constructive and
destructive effects happen because service providers choose
a omni-directional antenna to save cost. This paper will
show optimal antenna location to avoid destructive effect.
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