사무실 환경에서 초광대역 채널의 통계학적 특성모델
Statistical Characterization of UWB channel in Office Environments

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김성철; 이창훈; 강노경; 최진원
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한국통신학회 = Korea Information and Communications Society
제16회 통신정보 합동학술대회 (JCCI'2006)
In this paper, we present the statistical characterization of ultra wideband (UWB) channel of office
environments in frequency domain. The 23,000 channel transfer functions of 46 transmitter-receiver location
pairs are obtained using the measurement system based on frequency sweep technique. From the measured
data, path loss exponent variation to the sub-frequency band is firstly reported. Then, distributions of
received signals are analyzed considering the propagation environments and existence of line-of-sight (LOS).
Finally, the statistical properties of received signal powers of frequency tones are reported. For LOS cases, as
the separation between transmitter and receiver increases, the standard deviation of signal powers of the
received frequency tones increases and probability, the received signal powers are located within specific
range from the received power mean values, decreases.
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