Chitosan Microspheres Containing Bordetella bronchiseptica Antigens as Novel Vaccine Against Atrophic Rhinitis in Pigs

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Kang, Mi Lan; Kang, Sang Gyun; Jiang, Hu-lin; Guo, Ding Ding; Lee, Deog Yong; Rayamahji, Nabin; Seo, Yeon Soo; Cho, Chong Soo; Yoo, Han Sang
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한국미생물·생명공학회 = The Korean Society for Applied Microbiology
J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 18: 1179-1185
Atrophic rhinitisintranasal administrationchitosan microspheresBordetella bronchisepticapigs
The immune-stimulating activities of Bordetella bronchiseptica
antigens containing dermonecrotoxin (BBD) loaded in
chitosan microspheres (CMs) have already been reported
in vitro and in vivo with a mouse alveolar macrophage cell
line (RAW264.7) and mice. Therefore, this study attempted
to demonstrate the successful induction of mucosal immune
responses after the intranasal administration of BBD loaded
in CMs (BBD-CMs) in colostrum-deprived pigs. The BBD
was introduced to the CMs using an ionic gelation process
involving tripolyphosphate (TPP). Colostrum-deprived
pigs were then directly immunized through intranasal
administration of the BBD-CMs. A challenge with a field
isolate of B. bronchiseptica was performed ten days following
the final immunization. The BBD-specific IgG and IgA titers,
evident in the nasal wash and serum from the vaccinated
pigs, increased with time (p<0.05). Following the challenge,
the clinical signs of infection were about 6-fold lower in the
vaccinated pigs compared with the nonvaccinated pigs. The
grades for gross morphological changes in the turbinate
bones from the vaccinated pigs were also significantly lower
than the grades recorded for the nonvaccinated pigs
(p<0.001). Therefore, the mucosal and systemic immune
responses induced in the current study would seem to
indicate that the intranasal administration of BBD-CMs
may be an effective vaccine against atrophic rhinitis in pigs.
1017-7825 (print)
1738-8872 (online)
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