와우내 선형 전극의 위치와 삽입 손상에 대한 측두골 연구
A Temporal Bone Study of Insertion Trauma and Intracochlear Position of Straight Type Electrode for Cochlear Implant

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박민현; 이호선; 박세익; 전상범; 김성준; 오승하
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대한이비인후과학회 = Korea Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Korean J Otorhinolaryngol-Head Neck Surg 2008;51:999-1003
Cochlear implantTemporal boneTraumaInsertion depth
Background and Objectives:The goal of this study was to examine insertion depth, intracochlear position and insertion trauma
with the stimulation electrode of the Nurobiosys cochlear implant. Subjects and Method:Four electrodes were implanted
in fresh temporal bones of the human cadavers using realistic surgical procedures. Plain film X-ray images were taken from the
electrode inserted in the specimens to estimate the insertion depth. After the electrode implantation, all human temporal bones
were trimmed to extract the cochleae. The extracted cochleae from the temporal bone were immersed in acrylic resin to fix the
position of electrode placed in the scala tympani. The resin treated cochleae were cut in radial section and polished. All crosssections
were imaged with a microscope to assess the trauma by the electrode implantation. Results:The mean insertion depth
was about 300°with the cochlea angle. The insertion trauma was observed in one section of a temporal bone. The mean distance
from electrode to modiolus was about 0.75 millimeter. Conclusion:The incidence, severity of trauma and insertion depth of the
studied electrode showed similar results with that of other straight type electrode in literature.
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