대학원 교육에 대한 학생들의 의식구조
Attitude of Student to the Postgraduate Education in Medical Field

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성호경; 김전; 박준; 신동훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(2):173-180
The attitudes of the medical graduate students to
the postgraduate education were surveyed for 145
randomly sampled students who are taking courses
in 3 medical graduate schools. The questionaire was
composed of 10 items which were dcvidcd under
three heads. namely, to improve current educational
system, to improve the operational efficiency and to
strengthen the supporting measures.
Although the survey was not an extensive one,
the responses revealed following views:
1. The motives for the advanced studies were not
necessarily originated from the academic ground.
2. There are two different postgraduate courses in
this country, namely the training course for the
clinical specialty and the advanced academic course
in the graduate school of the university, leading
to the higher degrees.
Many of medical graduates arc taking two courses
at the same time and it results in a tremendous
difficulty especially in the degree course
because of their heavy duty in the clinical discipline.
3. A combined course is desirable instead of two
separated courses in the postgraduate educational
4. That combined course will be a professional degree
course which will be offered to the clinical
field and it will concern with the professional
competence as well as the academic capability.
Part of the course well be covered by the research
activities in the basic science departments or some
research institutes.
5. Sometimes tbe freedom of academic activity has
been restricted by the domination of the advisor's choice.
6. Pass or fail system is more desirable than any
other evaluation systems for their performance.
7. There are widespread dissatisfaction for the library
and research facilities and the complaint for
the latter is louder than for the former.
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