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A Study of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(2):201-204
Eisenhammer (195]), Goligher et al (1955) and
morgan and Thompson (1956) leaves no doubt that
the tissure underlying a fissure-in-ana is the internal
Lateral internal sphincterotomy has been advocated
by several investigators as a treatment for
chronic anal fissure.
Eisenhammer, in 1951, was the first to recommend
lateral internal sphincterotomy as the treatment
of anal fissure.
Parks, in 1967, suggested the use of lateral subcutaneous
internal sphincterotomy for anal fissure.
Investigators of internal sphincterotomy have had
good results and few Complications anal Fissure is
a common disease of the anus which causes an
amount of suffering out of all proportion to the
size of the lesion.
A fissure consists essentially of a crack in the
skin-lined part of the anal canal, which often shows
a considerable reluctance to heal. It is usually
encountered in young or middle-aged adults, but is
sometimes seen at other ages, including infancy and
early childhood.
We collected 43 cases, which had been admitted
and operated daring 1. 8 year from July, 1980 to
March, 1982 in S.T. Marks Hospital in London and
Seoul National University Hospital The results were
as follows:
1. The indication for lateral internal sphincterotomy
may be listed as follows
(a) 4.7 percent (2 cases) was fissure
(2) 62.8 percent (26 cases) was fissure with
(c) 19.2 percent (7 cases) was seletive stenosis.
(d) 9.3 percent (4 cases) was True stenosis.
2. The sex ratio is approximately male to Female ratio was 4 : 6.
3. The site of anal Fissure was anterior 08.6%),
posterior 000%), combined 08.6%).
4. 74.4 percent in the most high incidence from 20
years old 40 years old in age distribution.
5. The complication rate of 11. 6 percent was
a. 4.7 percent (2 cases) was abscess.
b. 2.3 percent 0 cases) was gas in continence
c. 2.3 percent 0 cases) was faces in contience
d. 2.3 percent 0 cases) was urinary retention.
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