실험적 미세혈관 이식과 이식 후의 조직학적 소견
Experimental Microvascular Grafts in Rats and Its Histological Studies.

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김진환; 조사선; 장가용
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(2):205-217
Histopathological features of microvascular anasto!
TIGses using "Invagination technique," end-to-end anastomoses and long term results of interposed venous
grafts were studied in the femoral vessels of rat
one to 12 months following surgery. The observation
performed under light microscope, TEM and SEM.
I. Histopathological features of the anastomotic site,
which were repaired by "Invagination technique"
and usual end·to·end anastomosis respectively,
did not differ each other in the long term results.
2. Histological regeneration of anastomotic site did
not accomplished by post·op 2 months and revealed
active process was undergoing.
3. Endothelial lining of intima was nearly completed
by 2 months at undamaged portion directly by
suture materials.
4. In summary it may be said that histological
examination of the specimen ranging in age from
one to 12 months led general conclusion that
venous grafts persist as living structure but
undergo certain histological changes consisting of
fibrous reinforcement.
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College of Medicine/School of Medicine (의과대학/대학원)Dept. of Medicine (의학과)The Seoul Journal of MedicineThe Seoul Journal of Medicine Vol. 23 No.2 (1982)
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