실험적 안압변동에 따른 망막전위도 및 망막미세구조의 변화
The Effects of Experimental Ocular Hypertension on the Electroretinogram and Ultrastructure of Retina

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윤동호; 김용일; 이재홍; 장봉린; 이진학
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(2):243-255
The purpose of this study is to compare the functional
and ultrastructural changes of retina according
to the level of intraocular pressure. The experiment
was carried out by observing the changes of electroretinogram
and electronmicroscopic findings of retina
in rabbits which were divided into 4 groups according
to the elevated intraocular pressure level. Intraocular
pressure (lOP) was adjusted by means of
gravity by changing the height of saline bottle which
was connected to vitreous via an infusion needle and
From the experiments, following findings were
40mmHg group: "B" wave was abolished within
11,.......13 hours after elevation of lOP, so as "a" wave
within 18~24 hours in 7 rabbits, but "b" wave
remained until 36 hours after elevation of lOP in
3 other rabbits. In all cases no significant ultrastructural
changes were demonstrable.
60mmHg group: "B" wave was abolished within
Zt,.......3 hours and "a" wave within 5,.......6 hours after
elevation of lOP respectively. Ultrastructurally,
slight flattening of pigment epithelium started to
appear, being accompanied with fragmentation of
the outer segments.
80mmHg group: "B" wave was abolished within
If,.......2 hours and "a" wave within 3 hours after
elevation of lOP, respectively. Ultrastructurally,
moderate flattening of pigment epithelium and
moderate edema of inner segments were observed.
100mm Hg group: Electroretinogram was totally abolished within 10 minutes after elevation of
rop. Ultrastructurally, marked flattening of pigment
epithelium with marked distension of basal infolding
were observed.
It is of authors' assumption that:
1. the functional changes of retina start prior to
the ultrastructural alterations following acute elevation
of rop and the degree of severity manifests
in proportion to the level of rop, and
2. the retinal ultrastructural changes develop at
the level of 60mmHg of rop, and undergo irreversible
changes at the level of 80mmHg or more of
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