마취과 자문 418례에 대한고찰-수술환자의 마취과적 문제점과 대책
A Review of 418 Anesthetic Consultations The Anesthetic Problems and Their Managements of Preoperative Surgical Patients

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김성덕; 윤성선; 이병달
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(2):256-263
418 surgical patients with anesthetic problems
were evaluated preoperatively, according to age, sex,
department and their problems.
In addition to this evaluation, we mentioned special
peri operative anesthetic managements of the patients
who had have cardiopulmonary disorders, neurosurgical
diseases, hepatic dysfunctions, diabetes mellitus
and hyperthyroidism.
The findings obtained from the evaluation were
as follows.
1. The most prominant age group was 41 to 50
years, showing 22.596. It is interesting that the
ratio occupied by the patients under 1 year and
over 70 years was 7.996.
2. The sex distributions were 57.2% in male and
42.896 in famale.
3. Related to departments, cardiothoracic surgery,
general surgery, orthopedic surgery and obstetrics
and gynecology were 30.996, 20.896, 12.996 and
11. 796 respectively.
4. Related to problems, cardiopulmonary disorders
occupied 60.296, suggesting that the anesthesiologists
should focus their interest mainly on cardiopulmonary
system in preansthetic consultation.
Moreover hepatic dysfunction, diabetes mellitus
and hyperthyroidism were main anesthesia-related
So perioperative managements of above mentioned
cases were reviewed with several references of
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