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A Morphological Observation on the Surface Crypts and the Mucus in the Conjunctiva

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(3):344-350
As far as the function of the surface crypts is
concerned, it is reasonable to assume that like the
goblet cells they act as mucus glands. However, our
knowledge of the conjunctival mucous crypts is limited
and in the rather few major publication on this
subject there has been remained controversial in
several aspects.
On the other hand, to evaluate the removal process
of the mucus, which is essential for maintaining
the structural integrity of the cornea, nineteen human
limbal and tarsal conjunctival biopsy specimens
were otained. Also the conjunctiva of 46 subjects
were scraped with a No. 15 sterile blade to obtain
the conjunctival mucus.
The authors observed the surface morphology the
conjunctiva by flat preparation and the mucus, with
the following conclusions.
L The surface crypts in the conjunctiva was observed
in all the specimens.
2. The surface crypts was supposed to be related to
the remnant of the lacrimal gland in fetal stage.
3. The mucous network may be concerned in the
removal process of the combined exfoliated cell
debris and foreign particles.
4. The vacuoles in the pathological state were variable
in size probably due to the breakdown of the
biochemical or physiological barrier in mucus-debris complex.
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