한국정상성인에 있어서의 상악동용적의 크기에 관한 연구
A Study on the Maxillary Sinus in Korean Adult

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이율모; 백만기; 장기현
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(3):351-354
To prepare the basic data for the investigation of
the maxillary sinus, authors estimated the volume of
the maxillary sinus in normal Korean adults (male
33, female 22) whose range of age was from 18 to
An regression equation, V=O. 4099·S·L- J. 45(r=
0.96, p<O.OO, was obtained from 10 dry skulls
measuring their real volume with a use of Waters'
view and PNS lateral view using a planimeter.
The volume of the maxillary sinus was estimated
after substituting the value of the surface area (S)
and the length (L) measured for the equation of V=O. 4099·S·L-1. 45.
The obtained results were as followed.
1. In Kcrean adults, the mean volume of the'
maxillary sinus was 13. 45±4. 31cm3 in male and
11.89±4. 20em3 in female, and 12. 82±4. 20em3 in
both sexes, But the difference between male and
female was not statistically significant.
2. Among the obtained volumes of maxillary sinuses,
the largest was 25. 41em3 and the smallest was.
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