노인마취의 경험 -16년간의 분석(1966~1981)
Anesthetic Experiences with the Very Aged -An analysis of 16 years period (1966~198l)-

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김용락; 이상운; 함병문
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(3):355-365
From the analysis of operations of the aged
'(over 70 years of age) during 16 years period
from 1966 through 1981, the followings were
1. Total operations were 1, 082 with 668 males
(61. 7%) and 414 females (38.3%).
2. General surgery took the most frequent
3. Abdominal surgery was most predominant
and stomach was the most frequent lesion as a
single organ.
4. N20 - 0 2-Halothane with or without muscle
relaxant had been the most frequent type-of
.anesthetic, and spinal anesthesia was increased
.abruptly in 1981, 'and there was no clear relationship
between the type of anesthetic and
-death. 5. Over 70% of operations were carried within
3 hours and there was no clear relationship
between the duration of anesthesia and death.
6. Emergency operations occupied 13. 6% of
total operations and all deaths occurred within
the emergencies with 15. 4% of total emergencres.
7. Malignancies were 36.4% of total operations
and stomach cancer was most frequent in
number and the ratio per each organ operations.·
8. The most frequent cause of death was
sepsis and the most frequent diseases was
perforated appendicitis.
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