Time-Varying Pulmonary Resistance and Compliance III Human
시변 임피던스 모델에 의한 폐기능분석에 관한 연구

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Cha, Eun J.; Min, Byoung G.; Lee, Cheong W.; Kim, Kun Y.
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1982;23(3):365-371
The objective of the present study was to
compute the continuous changes of the pulmonary
resistance and lung compliance in a respiratory
cycle in human. A time-varying system
analysis and the inverse relations of the pulmonary
resistance and compliance against the lung
volume were used to compute continuous changes
of the resistance and compliance, as compared
with the conventional discrete measurements in
time-invariant model. In two patients, the measured
mouth-to-esophageal pressure, the respiratory
flow, and the volume data were used as
the input data for the estimation by a combination
of two least-square-error algorithms. The
first algorithm is for estimation of the resistance parameters for various compliance parameters,
and the second algorithm is for computing the
optimal values of compliance parameters with
the minimal standard error between the measured
and the computed pressure. The results show
that the computed values of the present method
were comparable to other results obtained with
more complicated conventional forced oscillation
method. Also, the curve fitting in the time-varying
model could be accomplished with smaller
standard errors, compared with time-invariant
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