불균등 휨모멘트를 받는 플랫 플레이트-기둥 접합부에 대한 해석연구
Numerical Study on Interior Flat Plate-Column Connections Subjected to Unbalanced Moment

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박홍근; 최경규; 황영현
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한국콘크리트학회 = Korean Concrete Institute
한국콘크리트학회 논문집 제14권 제6호, 2002, pp. 949-960
flat plateconnectioneccentric shearseismic designunbalanced moment플랫 플레이트접합부편심전단내진설계불균등 모멘트
Flat plate structures under lateral load are susceptible to punching shear failure of the slab-column connection. To prevent such brittle failure, strength and ductility of the connection should be ensured. However, due to complexity in the behavior and difficulty in simulating the actual load and boundary conditions of the flat plate system, it is not easy to obtain reliable data regarding to the strength and ductility from the previous experimental studies. In the present study, a numerical study was performed for interior connections of continuous flat plate. For the purpose, a computer program for nonlinear FE analyses was developed, and the validity was verified by comparisons with the existing experimental results. Through the parametric studies, the variations of bending moment, shear, and torsional moment around the connection were investigated. Based on the findings of the numerical studies, the aspects which need to be improved in current design methods were discussed. The results of the present study will be used for developing a design method for the flat plate-column connection in the companion paper.
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