흰쥐에 있어서 굶주린 때의 산소 소비량, 몸 무게, 신체밀도, 조직 단백질 함유량의 변화
Total Metabolic Rate. Body0Density and Tissue Protein Changes' in Acute Fasting of Rats

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):9-16
Measurements of oxygen consumption, total body
density, tissue density and tissue protein content
were made on two groups of rats: the first group was
the normal control group and the second group was
starved for 6 days with free access to water. After
the measurement of oxygen consumption animals were
sacrificed and the determination of lean body mass
(LBM) was made by means of underwater weighing.
Comparisons were made between the control and
fasted group. The following results were obtained.
1. Total energy expenditure of rat decreased as the
fasting progressed. This decrease was parallal to
decrease in lean body mass.
2. Although the decrease in oxygen comsumption
was parallel to the decrease in gross body weight, the
change of lean body mass correlated more closely
with the oxygen consumption.
3. Subsequently, oxygen consumption expressed on
the basis of both gross body weight or-lean body mass
did not decrease as compared to the control value.
Oxygen consumption expressed on the basis of body
surface area decreased as the fasting progressed. Body
surface area was not a good reference expressing
oxygen consumption in fasting of the rats.
4. Total body density increased in the fasted group.
This reflected the decrease in fat when fasting continued.
5. Tissue density of liver and muscle (gastrocnemius)
decreased and that of skin increased in the fasted
6. Protein contents of tissues showed variable
changes in acute fasting: liver showed no change,
muscle showed a decrease and skin showed an increase.
7. Tissue protein content, which is one component
of lean body mass, influenced the changes of tissue
8. Total body density was the sum of tissue density.
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