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The Effects of Lead on the Potassium Transport of Rabbit Blood Cells

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):21-30
The effects of lead on the permeability of rabbit red
cells to potassium were studied by analyzing doseresponse,
time·responese curves and osmotic fragility
changes at varying times. Other metal cations. such as
mercury, copper and zine were also tested. The following
results were obtained.
1) Lead chloride caused loss of K+ from rabbit red
cells at concentrations ranging between O.5X10-3 and
20X 10-3 mM.
The Krloss progressed rapidly for about 60 minutes.
but thereafter slowed down.
lead chloride induced a prehemolytic loss of K"
from the red cells over a range from 0.5 X 10-3mM
to 20X 10-3 mM/L PbCl z• and at concentration above
20X lO<J mlvl, hemolysis began to appear.
2) The lead induced a loss of K+from rabbit red cells
as an ali-or-none response of individual cells within
the population.
3) As the time elapsed after lead poisoning on red
cells. a recovery of cell membrane was observed. It
took five hours for the cell membrane to recover.
4) Factors which influence the loss of K+ from the Pb
poisoned rabbit red cells were pH and temperature.
The maximum permeability to K+ occured between
20' and 37°C and there was an optimum pH for
penetration of K+ in the region of 7. O.
5) The formation of intracellular inorganic phosphate
in t he lead poisoned rabbit red cell was augmented
greatly in the rapid K+ loss phase. and thereafter
slowed down sligtly,
6) Mercury and lead induced K+ leakage in rabbit red
cells, but zinc didn't, while copper had a much smaller
eft ect.
7) The relation between sulf hydryl group and Pb
binding on red cell membrane was discussed.
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