의학곤충의 살충제저항성에 관한 연구 제1편 국내산 집파리의 학명에 대하여
Studies on Insecticide Resistance of Medical Insects

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):41-44
Recently certain foreign scientists suggested that the
common house- fly in the Far East region should be regarded
as a subspecies, Musca domestica vicina Macquardt,
instead of regarding it as Musca domestica
Linne for certain morphological and physiological reasons.
The writer felt the necessity to make clear the
taxonomical position of the common house-fly in Korea
before starting his study on the insecticide·resistance
of the seoul starin of the Korean house-fly. A morphological
difference between the house-fly in the Far
East and the typical M. domestica L. is the ratio of
width of frons to width of head in the male individuals.
The writer obtained the measurement data of this ratio
in the typical specimens of M. domestica L. from U.
S.A. The Korean specimens were the progeny of the
flies which have been reared for more than two years
in the writer's laboratory. Therfore, these individuals
are considered to be a pure strain having the same
genetical structure so that it can be expected that they
are quite homogenous in physiological as well as in
morphological characters. In comparison of the morphological
difference of these two specimens, the writer
found that the ratio in the Korean specimens is smaller
than that of the typical American specimen. As far as
physiological difference is concerned it was found by many workers that M. domestica vicina is inherently
more tolerable to DDT than M. domestica.
From the result of writer's investigation on the morphological
difference, the writer considers that adoption
of the name Musca domestica uicina Macquardt as
the scientific name of the common house-fly of korea
is appropriate.
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