토끼에 있어서 실혈, 과잉수혈 및 에피네프린으로 일어나는 조직 혈액량분포의 변화
Variations of Tissue Blood Volume Distribution Induced by Hemorrhage, Over-transfusion and Epinephrine in Rabbits.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(2):29-39
Variations of red cell volume and tissue blood
volume were measured in 52 nembutalized rabbits by
means of ere1 -labeled red blood cell technique.
Animals were divided into 4 groups: the first was
control group consisted of II rabbits. the second
group (14 rabbits) was hemorrhaged 33% of total
blood volume within 5 minutes. the third group (15
rabbits) was over-transfused amounting 34% of normal
pretransfusion volume, and in the fourth group
epinephrine was injected intravenously. The following
results were obtained.
1. The normal red blood cell volume in rabbits
was 1.8i±0.12 ml/lOO grn body weight. Total blood
volume was 5.11±0.32% body weight. Tissue blood
volume was highest in lung (476 ,ul/gm). Tissue blood
volume values in other tissues were: spleen 218,
liver 133. and kidney 117 ,u!/gm. The other tissues
examined contained less than 100 ,ul/gm tissue blood
2. In acute hemorrhage there appeared the decrease
in hematocrit. red cell volume. total volume and tissue
blood volume. Tissue blood volume decrement in
lung showed the highest value ranging 48% as compa-red to the control group. Liver showed a 46% decrement.
Skeletal muscle showed little decrement. Blood
was mobilized chiefly from lung and liver in acute
3. In over- transfusion there was a diffuse and even
increment of tissue blood volume in various organs.
Liver and skeletal muscle. however. showed high
value of increase in tissue blood volume.
4. In the epinephrine administered rabbits. there
were incrases in red cell volume, total blood volume
and tissue blood volume.The increase in tissue blood volume
was highest in spleen, e.g., 550% as compared to
the preinjection values. Tissue blood volume incre
ased also in liver and skeletal muscle and decreased in
lung and bone.
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