일산화탄소 위해에 관한 연구 제2편 제환경하의 일산화탄소 오염도 및 중독양상ㅇ 대한 조사연구
Studies on Carbon Monoxide Hazards Part II: An investigation of carbonmonoxide pollution and poisoning under various environments.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(2):87-90
This investigation was undertaken to find .out the
degree of the CO pollution in various environments in
relation to various environmental factors concerned.
As the objects of the survey. 440 places in SundongGu
area including the private living room. restaurant.
barber shop. beauty shop. tea-room. laundry etc .. were
selected by a random sampling. The measurement of
the blood Hb-CO of the subject exposed to the COpolluted
air was made for 96 persons.
The results are as follows.
1. The private living room showed pretty high
degree of CO pollution. The pollution rate was 27.9%
in the low-grade home group and 42.0% in the poorest
home group.
2. The highest degree of the CO pollution was found
in the kitchen of the Korean wine house. It showed
average 231. 2 ppm and the next was the kitchen of
the restaurant where average 173.0 ppm was detected.
The degree of the CO pollution was almost nearly
100% where the briquette was openly burned.
3. The environmental conditions of the living room
such as paper-coating status of the wall and floor.
chimney. and the structure of the room were much
more related the degree of the CO pollution. The open
uses of the briquette and poor air conditioning system
were the main causes of the CO pollution in otherenvironments.
4. Blood Hb-CO concentration of the subjects expo
sed to CO-polluted environments were measured by
the method estimating blood Hb-CO by breath-air
analysis. The results showed maximum 12.5% HbCO
and the minimum 5% HbCO. Many subjects exposed
to high degree of the CO pollution complained persisting
headache. atonia and gastro-intestinal troubles.
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