흰 쥐의 생체밖 회장의 뇨소 운반
Urea Transport by Rat Ileum Studied in Vitro.

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이동준; 윤명순; 신동훈; 남기용
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(3):1-4
Isolated loops of rat ileum were perfused under a
pressure of 25cmH20 at 40'C. The loops were placed
in a chamber containing 0.9% NaC!, and the perfusing
fluid was Krebs-Ringer-bicarbonate solution. When
urea was added in the perfusing fluid, outward
transport of urea occured by both of diffusion and
solvent drag. On the other hand, when urea was
added in the outside medium the inward transport
of it would be performed by virtue of diffusion only.
Analyzing the directional transfer of urea the following
results were concluded.
1. The transport of urea by solvent drag across
the wall of the isolated rat ileum did not fit to the
Poiseuille's law. That is, the urea movement occuring
by solvent drag could not be attributable to the bulk
flow through a simple pore model.
2. When the concentration of urea in the perfusing
fluid was low, the role of the solvent drag was dominant
in the outward transport.
On the other hand, when urea concentration was
high the transport was performed mostly by diffusion.
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