한국인 태아 장골의 체질 인류학적 연구 제1편 straus 계측법에 의한 연구
Anthropological Studies on the Iliac Bone of the Korean Fetus Part 1. Study on the Iliac Bone by Straus' Method

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(3):17-23
The author has measured and computed 5 items
and 2 indices on the iliac bones of 365 Korean fetuses
ranging from the 4th to the lOth fetal month by
Straus' method and determined their parameters and
the following conclusions have been drawn.
D. The lower and direct iliac heights increase about
4 times during above ranging period.
2). The upper iliac height and iliac width increase
about 3.5 times during above ranging period.
3). The subauricular angle increases with the fetal
month and reaches to the adult type at the later
stage of fetus.
4). The interiliac index is larger than taht of adult
and increases slightly with the fetal month.
5). The direct iliac index is smaller than that of
adult and no change is found during the above
ranging period.
6). There are no differences in all the items and
indices between both sexes and right and left
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