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The Glucose Catabolic Pathways in the Various Tissues of the Rabbits

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(3):55-62
24 of rabbits were divided into 3 groups. e.g., the
first group for liver incubation experiment, the
second group for kidney incubation experiment, and
the third group for brain incubation experiment. The
same tissue homogenate obtained from each run of
every group were subdivided into' 5 subgroups. Each
subgroup was incubated for a period of 2 hours in
the constant temperature water bath with incubation
mixture consisting of 10 cc of phosphate buffer and
20 cc of oxygen. to which were added a glucose-10
4 in the subgroup "a", glucose-Ll-Cts in the
subgroup "b", lactate-I-Cw in the subgroup "c",
lactate-z-Ci- in the subgroup "d", and lactate-3-Cl4
in the subgroup "e", respectively. The gas samples
obtained at the end of incubation period from each
subgroup were analyzed for radioactivities of 0 402
produced. Data obtained from each groups were
summerized as follow;
1) In the liver and kidney, C140 2 yields from
glucose-LCw were always larger than that from
glucose-U-Cl4, but in the brain tissues, Cl40 2
yields from glucose-Ll-Cw were generally larger
than that from glucose-L-Cu,
2) In the lactate-Ct- incubation experiments, Cl402
yields from C-I of lactate (subgroup c) showed
largest value as compared with those from C-2
and C-3 of lactate in each group. There were
little differences in 0 40 2 yields from C-2 and C-3
of lactate in liver and kidney tissue.
3) Fractions of oxidative pathway of glucose were
calculated from C1402 yields of 5 subgroups in
each group. 32.8% of respiratory C02 was produced
through EMp·TCA oxidative pathway from glucose
in the first group, 59% in the second group and
96.8% in the third group.
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