은행성분 Bilobol의 화학적 및 약리학적 연구
A Chemical and Pharmacological Study on Bilobol A Component of Ginkgo Biloba L. Fruits

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(4):7-16
Flesh fruits of Ginkgo biloba 1. is induced often
intensive vesicular skin inflammation.
This vesicular skin inflammation is very similar to
those induced by urushiol.
In chemical structure of bilobol which is as known
vesicular skin inflammatory components in flesh fruits
of Ginkgo biloba 1. is pentadecenyldihydroxyphenol.
This chemical structure is also resemble to constituents
of urushiol.
With a view to clarifying the chemical and pharmacological
properties of bilobol, a component extract
from the flesh of Ginkgo biloba Linne fruits, the
author has conducted a series of experiment which
led to the following conclusions:
1. Bilobol had a paralytic effect upon isolated rabbit
intestines, while it exercised a contractive action
upon the isolated uterus.
2. Bilobol did not produce any noticeable pharmacological
effect upon frog heart even at a high
dosage to 500mg/Kg.
3. LD50 of bilobol upon mouse was measured at
4. Bilobol administration produced a transitional
hypotensive effect upon rabbits. A repeated administration
of bilobol produced tachyphylaxis. Bilobol
administration produced a evidently increase effect
upon rabbit respiration.
5. Capillary vessel permeability of bilobol appeared
to be strongest in guinea pigs, followed by rats and
rabbits in order of strength.
6. Edema resulting from administration of bilobol
was markedly inhibited by chlorpheniramine maleate
but not by BOL-148.
7. Histamine release by bilobol in lower extremities
irrigation in rats started at bilobol O.lmg. and
reached a maximum at bilobol 0.5mg.
8. Administration of bilobol did not produce any
recognizable increase of 5-hydroxyindol acetic acid
content of rat urine.
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